Your party is very important to you and,
I will always go the extra mile to help make it a success. But not all functions require the same level of service.  Sometimes the  hiring of some speakers and lights is all you need, other times a full Nightclub vibe works well with lights and lasers all around the room.

Kit Hire

this is perfect for clients who are:

a) trying to keep the costs down;

b) short of space;

c)know and have the music they want on an ipod or laptop/tablet ( I can also provide a tailored playlist to run off an ipod);

d) perfect for children s parties;

e) have no idea what time the party will finish!!;

f) great for a party at home or a small to medium sized venue.


I absolutely love to DJ and provide lighting for weddings and I always try to have a meeting with bride and groom. Your wedding day is one of the biggest days of your life, and very likely to be the only time you  will ever have ALL your friends and family together ! So it`s crucial to get it right!

When it comes to the music, many Brides and Grooms want to be 100% involved in selecting what is played during their evening .This is important, as everybody has different tastes in music and  how often have you heard people complaining that the DJ just played what he/ she wanted and not what we had asked for?

Others are happy with selecting a handful of "must play" and leaving the rest to me.  I simply want you to have the best night of your lives.

For weddings my setup has been designed to be as discreet as possible, but will be very effective when the dancing starts.  .

An extra  service I offer my Wedding clients is a Video of the evening.  Quite often the photographer and videographer will only stay until after the first dance. So whilst I`m DJ ing I also do a spot of filming as well, then edit  it into a short film. The footage is then linked to you (with your consent) on YouTube/Facebook so you and your fiends and family can re-live the night. Here is an example from a  wedding I did in September. I can also send you a disc with the video on.

A video on setting up my kit hire service.

Example of a Video from a wedding in December 2015

Up Lighting hire

I also offer a full up lighting service. Up lighting can totally transform a room or marquee, and can literally make the colour of the  room change to the beat of the music, or can be set to pick up a colour scheme of the function or pick out architectural features of the venue . The  example pictured on the right here is of a village hall window.