Cotswold DJ

Firstly, who am I? and why am I different to "Mobile Discos"

Unsurprisingly my name is Will !

I set up Cotswold DJ  as I realized there was a  huge need for a quality mobile DJ Service, who would take the whole evening into account and really listened to what the client wanted for their specacial evening. 

What do I mean?

Every celebration is different; different clients, different venues, different guests, different themes, different music tastes, get the gist. I can adjust my  amazing setup to work with the room or venue. You will know how much time and effort goes into all the  attention to detail for your wedding day,  my entire setup has been designed to be  sensitive and aestheticaly pleasing. I constantly monitor the music volume level making sure it`s at an appropriate level for the time of evening; i.e. Not so loud at the start when you`re trying to have a conversation. (Ring any bells!) Quite often I position lights around the whole room, giving maximum impact for the clients and guests.